Slokas (Adults)


Duration per class: 1 hour

Note – This curriculum is not strictly for Adults. Kids can learn slokas from these as well.



  • Annapoornashtakam
  • Kanakadhara sthothram
  • Mahishasura mardhini sthothram
  • Lakshmi ashtothra shathanama sthothram
  • Vishnu sahasranamam
  • Lalitha sahasranamam
  • Sri soundaryalahari
  • Mooka panchashathi
  • Devi Narayaneeyam

Additional information

Learning Outcomes

• Get an in detail approach of learning the slokas, emphasising on their meaning and pronunciation.

Pick a class format

One-on-one (For 1 class), One-on-one (For 4 classes), One-on-one (For 8 classes), One-on-one (For 12 classes), Group (For 1 class), Group (For 4 classes), Group (For 8 classes), Group (For 12 classes)


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