Life at Berklee

Music was a constant from the formative years of my life, right from listening to Carnatic music as an infant (quoting my parents here) to varied genres from pop, jazz now in my 20s. Learning and practicing Carnatic music for over a decade only made my parents realize that music was something that came naturally … Read more

Advantages of Global Music Collaboration

Collaboration serves as a platform where musicians come together to musically express their thoughts and ideas. It gives one an opportunity to learn and unlearn musical skills and different styles of music and helps an artist to brew up new ideas. The primary aspect for artists who intend to collaborate is that they have set … Read more

Digital Learning of Classical Music: Its Evolution

Traditionally music and arts have been transmitted from the master to the student with a spark in an unstructured manner. In the conservative past, practitioners of music were possessive about the art form. They were wary of giving away much to aspiring musicians. Over the years, as things changed, musicians opened their mind and starting passing … Read more

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