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We offer Classes in Carnatic Vocal, Hindustani Vocal, Mridangam, Ghatam, Muharsing & Kanjira lessons, Hindustani flute, Sloka classes & Sarod lessons.


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Student Videos

Sreeja- Hindustani

Raghav- Hindustani

Vidhun- Sloka

Know your Mentor’s

Harikrishnan – Carnatic Vocal

Mrs. Mythili – Carnatic Vocal

Mrs. Priyadarshini – Carnatic Vocal & Veena

Dr. Lakshmi Vinayak – Carnatic Vocal

Mrs. Yagnyaseni – Hindustani Vocal

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Unfiltered reviews from our students

Kiran Shaw, Melbourne
Studio Engineer

When my boss asked me to take the post production course from iMuze, I felt insulted. I reluctantly took the course. To my surprise, my productivity increased within a couple of weeks. I’m now a proud iMuzer.

Karthiyayini M,
Veena Artist

“Learning veena via Skype? Forget it.” That’s what my mom said when I told her about iMuze. I pleaded I'll try it out for a week. Magic happened, yes! She's now a believer. 🙂

Bharatwaj J,

I am from Houston and it was unbelievable I could learn directly from A.S.Murali sir. It was the single most important thing that helped my singing career. I’ll always be indebted to sir.

Our Team

Meet Our Teachers

A.S. Murali

Mentor - Carnatic Vocal

Vikku Vinayakram

Chief Mentor - Percussion

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We aim at increasing the efficiency and enhance value for musicians and music by transforming ideas into viable products; creating a valuable, flexible and enriching music ecosystem; facilitating easy monetization, and minimizing piracy.


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